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My influences: Dilla,Dilla,Dilla,Marvin,Wach,Sakamoto,Steve,Wally Badarou,Primo,Prince,Puente,Bjork,Mark Bell,Coltrane,Gato,D'angelo,Chambers,Erskine,Parliment,Cage,Dizzee,Mantronix,Timbo,Joni,Vinicius de Morias,Steve Arrington,Anita Baker,Art Blakey,Wright,Jorge,James Jamerson,Clyde Stubbefield, TanDun, Police, BarrettBrothers, Bonham, JoyDivision, Jimi, Wahwah, Maze, Sly&Robbie, Womacks and James Brown

Thats all you need to know.

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