Who We Are

TopFeuds is a community of artists and buyers who combine their ideas and thoughts to produce inventory. We have some of the most talented artists in the world in our community submitting brilliant ideas for print.

What We Do

You submit a slogan or design as your own and take claim to it. Once your idea is in our system our community will begin to rate and interact with your concepts. Top concepts will be feuded and the winners will have their idea manufactured. The artist will be paid handsomely for every item sold containing their slogan or design.

Our Mission

To make you famous.

Why Buy From Us

1. You will be supporting creative minds.
2. We only print what our community declares as top quality
3. We give you bonus bucks with every purchase that you can use in our raffle for super cool prizes.
4. We have a really cool ordering system that keeps you informed of your order from start to finish.