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Ok, largely I am on here to support Mr. Billy McCool. I will try to be as creative as possible.

I would like to state I am not here to have girls hit on me. I am not into girls whatsoever. I only like men. So sorry ladies!

As for the rest of this profile. I am a very loyal person. I will do just about anything for anybody. I go above and beyond. I'm very down to earth and I don't like drama. So if you are going to cause it, stay away from me. Don't bring me in the middle of it either.

Lastly, don't forget to tell your friends about TopFeuds. This is a really great site. It gives you the ability to be creative and feud. So don't you think its cool to be able to get paid for each item you sell? I think your friends will like that idea as well. What can it hurt? Maybe something you or a friend creates will become very popular. So get everyone to try out TopFeuds.

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