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i'm the type of person who's always ready to help others. making others happy makes me happy.
i'm always thinking - whether it be something trivial or deep. ask. you'll get the answer.
you'll never see me stay upset for more than five minutes. unless you fuck up bad.
i rarely stop smiling. and i find that the best memories come when i'm surrounded by those that i love.
those people are very important to me and i'd be nowhere near where i am today without them.
and i've realized that all the people i've met and will meet have some effect on me - big or small.
i'm extremely curious, and i love having in-depth conversation.
i have a weakness for chocolate and fashion. and i turn to music when words don't do it.
i'm a die-hard America's Next Top Model fan. and i think stephen colbert is a genius.
i love trying new things and taking chances.
i understand life is full of surprises and i'm ready for whatever life throws at me.
i'm not one to give up on anything i start. that's not something i do. ever.
i always say that it's the little things that mean the most. think about it.
you know...i've been through a lot. and because of that, i'm that much stronger.
i'm definitely not your average girl.

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