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I'm a simple girl that's easy to love. Adobe Illustrator is my life. I currently work as a Graphic Designer in a small town. I love my job and I've worked hard to get here. I waitress part time to get "away". I appreciate my education more than you know. Advertising Design is my dream. I believe that common sense, personality and hard work can get you a long way. I am captured by emotional art. I love my family and friends. I love to laugh. I'm a fan of eating. Cooking relaxes me. I love Pez candy and Twizzlers. I very rarely drink anything but water. My independence is essential. I'm indecisive. I'm a freak about keeping my apartment clean. I wish I could wear boy-shorts and flip-flops all day, every day. I'm a spelling freak. I appreciate the English language used correctly. Ebonics is not a language, it's laziness. I've made mistakes in my life, but I use them as stepping stones. I wanna see the world. I'm convinced I have A.D.D, but refuse to let some doctor call it a fault...

Oh... and if you've never had a Ferrero Rocher you're missing out on the best chocolate EVER!!

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