International Baller

Age: 37
Gender: Male
Location: Boston, MA
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What I like
good food,interesting people,smart people,art,good music,video editing

What I do not like
Bitches,stupid wnbe gangsters from my town...haha idiots!,people who call themselves playas...bigger idiots than those wnbe gangsters!...german "gangster"rap-music,sry guys but there are no ghettos in Germany so stop that shit,THANKS!,Bushido,Sido,Aggro and all the other German "gangster"-rapcrews and rappers,religion(=biggest lie ever!it..s only my opinion, i don..t want to offend anybody!),George Bush and his Nazi Grandpa ;),people who like to annoy will see what you get from that!idiots!...well thats it for the moment,BUT be prepared i will continue this list!

If anyone wants to fan me after u read this than DO IT! You wont be disappointed

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