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guess you can say I am a very down to earth kinda girl, I don't really ever get mad at anyone and I get along with just about every single person I have ever met. Well, I guess there's a few out there that rub me the wrong way but that's besides the point... I absolutely love to have a good time and enjoy hanging out with people who know how to do that. I love pushing myself to my limits, I go to the gym 4 days a week and love to find new things to learn. Here's a little update for those who know me...I am no longer going to school for Interior Design, I am now going for nursing... BIG difference. Hopefully no more life altering decisions will be made from here on out... I turn 21 in April!! And you KNOW I will be out there getting a little too drunk and having a little too much fun!! This summer is coming up soon and it will be the best on yet!! = D I just can't wait! Shoutouts to all of my friends, my BF ;)

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