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I'm a sucker for bright eyeshadow, designer sunglasses and shoes. I match all the time. I'm mildly addicted to text messaging. Drunk dials make me Giggle. I have tattoos.. 8 to be exact. I Like Them. I take pictures, all the time of everything. I've always had a soft spot for Boys who can sing, kisses on the cheek, white wine, and killer eyes. Im in love with writing, getting tattos, singing in my car, beach in the winter, sunrises and sunsets, kissing in the rain, late-night walks, mani and pedi FRIDAYS with my girls, martinis, versace, dolce, armani, studded belts, FAMOUS, driving without directions, funny nicknames, coffee at 2am, working, Getting Lost, Reliving memories, and stealing boys hoodys-----

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