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Hey, yall! My name's Raquel, like Raquel Welch, but much younger and sans the fur bikini. Soy de Tejas y me encanta mi estado.
*It's very important for me to relate to people through music. Some of my favorite artists are Incubus, Paramore, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Shins, Jack Johnson, Damien Rice, the Killers... there are so many, but those kind of sum up my tastes.
Things I like:
clever conversation, good spelling and grammar, respecting my elders, kiwi, road trips, beer pong, swimming in lakes, star gazing, running away, puppies, babies, making plans, things that are plaid or striped, mocassins, Camel Mellows, off brand colas, red grapes.

I'm intelligent, confident, honest to a fault, pretty when I feel so, and willing to challenge myself.

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