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Hey everyone, this is my personal blog. I get asked lots of questions so I figured I would post them here. This is a test module so right now I am the only one with Blog capabilities. If there is a demand for it in the future, I will open it up for you all. Thanks!


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Affiliate Program

Posted On: 11-8-2009

So why is the Affiliate License a big deal? GET PAID, GET PAID, GET PAID!

It's no secret, artists who are fortunate enough to have their slogans or designs published receive a 10% base commission per sale. We want to give every member the opportunity to make some money, so we created a plan we call the Affiliate License that allows EVERY member of TopFeuds to essentially act as a "Club Promoter" to the site. As a promoter you will gain access to special banners and text links that you can copy and paste to your site, blog or popular social networking site. When people click on these banners and text links they are directed to the TopFeuds SHOP. If they make a purchase, you as the promoter earn a cool 5% commission. Not bad huh!

How it works:
The banners and text links are unique to your account. Once clicked, they are capable of triggering special tracking bots that stay active for 7 days. The tracking bots increment your clicks and sit in the shopping cart waiting for finalized sales. When a sale is finalized, the commission money earned is transferred to your account. You can view your stats at: 'Affiliates > Stats'

We made the affiliate program as easy as possible to setup. You can literally have the banners up and running on your site in minutes. This is FREE money to those willing to take the time to setup their pages with banners. Once the banners are in place they require no maintenance. You just sit back, and watch your clicks and sales go up and up. Tracking data is 100% live so you can login throughout the day to see how you're doing. Its fun, free and it will put real money in your pockets.

We hope everyone has fun with this program. If you have any questions or need help getting setup I am here for you.