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Hey everyone, this is my personal blog. I get asked lots of questions so I figured I would post them here. This is a test module so right now I am the only one with Blog capabilities. If there is a demand for it in the future, I will open it up for you all. Thanks!


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Voting and Rating

Posted On: 7-8-2009

I just want to clarify a few things about rating and voting. You can rate designs and slogans on a persons profile page or by visiting the RATE page. On the RATE page you can choose to rate designs or slogans. You can currently rate a design or slogan once every 24 hours. There are new feuds daily and its your job to vote and select the best slogan or design in a feud. I would like to clarify that your vote only counts once so sitting there clicking and voting over and over is a waste of your time. You may go back and change your vote as long as the feud has not expired.

When you rate and vote you earn reputation points. TopFeuds is programmed to watch for patterns in rating and voting behavior so your best bet to gain reputation and keep a high rating integrity is to be honest.