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Hey everyone, this is my personal blog. I get asked lots of questions so I figured I would post them here. This is a test module so right now I am the only one with Blog capabilities. If there is a demand for it in the future, I will open it up for you all. Thanks!


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Posted On: 6-23-2009

Here is a question I got today which I thought was pretty good. I have included the answer to the question below.

Ok got a question. This is something I noticed, it's not a bug or So I've noticed you have had a lot of feuds. So after a design wins a feud, people can continue to rate the design? What about the ones that are going to make it into t-shirts and actually be produced. Are those designs going to be removed from the rating and go straight to the shop?

ANSWER: The purpose of a fame feud is to determine which objects are worthy of being printed. WInner's of fame feuds get a rating boost, losers take a rating hit, essentially its like a king of the mountain scheme. When a object gets selected for a production feud the winner no longer has control of that object, it becomes property of TopFeuds and people can not rate it anymore. Once it is produced it will show up on the persons Inventory section and in the SHOP and the artist will begin to earn money for every sale.

Yes people can still rate an object that has lost or won a fame feud because there are new members joining daily their opinions count and if an object losses a fame feud we still give the artist an opportunity to get back into another feud and potentially get their idea produced!

I hope that clears things up.