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I like making home made cards, especially collages. Nag Champa is my scent through and through. Fresh black tea mixed with spice is the best way to start the day, no matter what time. Mix CD's made by my friends are some of my most prized possessions. Relationships are the gateway to the self, everything will show up. I will be your mirror. I hope that I will be remembered for being a lover. If I was to tag something, I would write "what would love do now?" I love people with a gap in their front teeth. I smile at strangers and I love it when they smile back. I love listening to people speak different languages. Crying is healthy and important. Thrift stores can make any day brighter and are the best form of therapy. Well, cleaning is also up there too.

My bedroom clock is always 31 mintues fast. Lists and post-it notes make my life easier and I feel naked when I don't have my daytimer with me. I have freckles wherever the sun shines. Bella, my frisky cat, and I love freshly boiled edamame. Lucky pennies litter the streets for me; watch out, I will hand one to you! Harold and Maude is one of my favorite movies and some say I am similar to Maude. I believe that when you find a feather it means that you are on the right path. I also think that a long soak in the a bath can take away lifetimes of stress. When I sing and dance I feel the most free and myself. The best days are those spent in a vintage slip listening to tunes in sunny rooms. My laugh lines are coming but people have always asked why I smile so much - why not? My art is my heart.

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