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By: Darwins Grl

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AmeriCorps NCCC, Wildland Firefighting, Snowboarding, Hiking, Traveling, Camping, Doing new things and following my dreams, graphic design, messy studio art, photography, reading, flowers, our beautiful world, my friends and family, my dogs (Tully, Rosie, Bailey and Cooper), Drivin with the windows down and the music up loud, Feeling like I accomplished something at the end of the day, Laughing, Being Happy, Exploring, Living, Dreaming, Being....


ohhhh let's see - Bob Marley, Black Crowes, Cat Stevens, BEATLES, Lennon, The Beach Boys, The Eagles, David Bowe, Skynard, Aerosmith, 70's and 80's rock!! Suckabrown, Ozzy, Rusted Root, Guster, 311, Allman Brothers, Bad Company, Crossfade, Disturbed, Rob Zombie, DOORS, Elijah Aaron, Ray LaMontagne, TOMMY LEE, Van Halen, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots / Velvet Revolver, Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Godsmack, GRATEFUL DEAD, H.I.M., PEARL JAM, Hendrix, Keane, Kenny Wayne Sheppherd, Mama's & Papas, Lacuna Coil, Metallica, Moe, Nickelback, Old No Doubt, P.O.D., Phish, PINK FLOYD, Skindread, Sublime, Tesla, TOM PETTY... k is that enough for now?! hahaha LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE MUSIC ⥠⥠⥠â¥


Into The Wild, Forget Me Not, No Woman No Cry by Rita Marley, Walden, Dear John, Smoke Jumpers, Scot on the Rocks, Siddhartha, Touching the Void, He's Just Not That Into You, Three Cups of Tea, Katrina- Before & After, The Time Travelers Wife, A Long Way Gone....


Life's too short and unpredictable to be anything but happy. Do what you want & love what you're doing. Never stop learning, experiencing new things and challenging yourself. We get 1 chance, make it worth while. Live your dreams, don't just dream them. If you want something, go after it with all you have. Just don't be anything but HAPPY. :-D

I have been an AmeriCorps NCCC member since Feb. 3 and I am loving every day more than the last (which I'm not sure is even possible!) haha. I am on the team Wolf 3 (The Crazy Ei8hts) and I love everyone on my team ⥠I am living at Perry Point, MD with the 4 most AHH-MAZING housemates EVER and I love them with my whole heart and miss them when we're all away on spike! This is the most amazing experience of my life and I couldn't be happier. I just became a Federally trained Type 2 Wildland Firefighter and had a blast on the Fire Composite Team and got to do a bunch of prescribed burns in ME and NH - everyone on the fire team is simply amazing - I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people to share this all with!!

I went to Keene State College and got a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art / Graphic Design......

I will be going to Grad School in the Fall 2010 for Conservation Biology and Fire Effects on the Environment and can't wait!!

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