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Hey everyone, this is my personal blog. I get asked lots of questions so I figured I would post them here. This is a test module so right now I am the only one with Blog capabilities. If there is a demand for it in the future, I will open it up for you all. Thanks!


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Beware of Phishing

Posted On: 7-10-2009

These days most people are aware of phishing, yet everyday millions fall victim to it. Phishing is a hacking technique used to steal a user's authentication (username and password). If someone got your username and password, they can basically do whatever they would like to your account including deleting it!

Common Phishing techniques. Phishing is usually done through email. For example you may get an email from "TopFeuds" telling you to sign in for some reason and when you follow that email it will direct you to a fake version of TopFeuds that someone created. Essentially its a counterfit version of a legit site used to trick you into submitting your username and password. Once you submit your information the hacker receives it and can begin to sign into your account!!!!!

How to prevent Phishing - The best way to avoid phishing sites is to never click links that are in emails. Instead open a browser and manually type the location of the site you wish to visit. I realize this isn't always possible though, so below I have included a little tutorial on how to learn a good URL from a potential Phishing URL. Although modern browsers now have Phishing filters, you should never depend on them, especially when you can give the URL a quick look and determine if the sites legit or not.

Here are some examples of good URL's

Here are some examples of bad URL's

Ok, on a legit site the site name should ALWAYS be the prefix to the .com, .net, .org, etc. Looking at the good examples above you will see that topfeuds is the prefix to the .com. This means it comes immedietly before the .com and thus it is safe.

Looking at the bad examples, we see the prefix as xxcv and xfadddc. These are the actual sites that are trying to steal your information. Although the phrase topfeuds is in the address notice the location...Those bastards. Chances are extremly high these are phishing sites.

So now you know a little more about phishing. Remember the best way to prevent phishing is to never follow links in any emails and when you absolutely need to immedietly after clicking the link, investigate the address bar to make sure your actually on the proper site and not a phishing site! There are plenty of great resources on Phishing. It is VERY important to understand the risk and prevention of Phishing.

By the way Phishing is now considered a form of fraud and if caught you can get in major trouble including jail time. Large sites like PayPal and online Banking sites are usually big targets to Phishing sites. BE CAREFUL!!!!!

If you ever get a strange message emailed to you from "TopFeuds" please contact us and let us know.