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Hey everyone, this is my personal blog. I get asked lots of questions so I figured I would post them here. This is a test module so right now I am the only one with Blog capabilities. If there is a demand for it in the future, I will open it up for you all. Thanks!


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Fame & Rep

Posted On: 6-24-2009

There are literally dozens of ways to lose and gain fame and reputation on TopFeuds. Your best bet for increasing both Fame and Rep is to participate. Upload some of your designs, think up some slogans and critique members work. Also remember to VOTE, voting will keep your reputation up and if your selection wins it's feud you will get a rep boost.

Another great way to boost your fame and rep is to purchase or sell items in the SHOP. When you buy an item from the SHOP you get a reputation boost. If you have inventory thats been produced, you will earn fame points for every sale!

Be careful! There are also many ways to lose fame and rep, generally by keeping poor scored designs or slogans or misbehaving. Also if you tend to rate slogans or designs the same, I.E. you just keep rating everything a 3, your integrity will suffer and this will hurt your reputation and potentially damage your fame. Your best bet is to be honest, don't try to cheat the system. Tell our community how you feel about a design by a solid critique, rate the slogans and designs fair, don't just sit there and click the same rating over and over.

The fame and reputation meters don't lie. Check out the SCOREBOARD at My Profile > Scoreboard to see a list of our most badass members!